Photozyme DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum


Reverse past UV damage and protect your skin with Photozyme DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum. It is ideal for all skin types and repairs, prevents, and rejuvenates, ensuring a radiant complexion.

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A true game-changer, capable of reversing past UV damage and fortifying your skin’s defences against the sun’s harmful effects. It’s the only topical product that deploys three distinct DNA repair enzymes to your skin cells, tirelessly mending and preventing sun damage while fostering overall skin health. Plus, it’s a fantastic choice for those with a history of sun damage or pre-cancerous lesions and anyone seeking advanced skin therapy.




Repair Past UV Damage: Bid farewell to the effects of the sun with this serum’s remarkable ability to mend previous UV damage.

Prevent Further UV Damage: It’s not just about repair; this serum actively shields your skin from future UV harm.

Cellular Restoration: Say hello to refreshed, rejuvenated cells, as this serum works magic in repairing cell damage.

Versatile Application: It plays well with others! Use it under your favourite products and makeup.

For All Skin Types: No matter your skin type, this serum is designed to elevate your skincare regimen.


Turn back the clock on your skin and embrace a future of radiant, youthful vitality with the Photozyme DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum.



Anacystis nidulans from Plankton Extract (Photolyase)

Micrococcus luteus (Endonuclease)

Arabidopsis thaliana (OGG1)


Hyaluronic Acid

Evodia rutaecarpa

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